Victoria is the main city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is located almost on the southernmost cape of Vancouver Island. This city is quite solid in size…

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What to try in Canada?
Canadian cuisine is hardly original. In gastronomic terms, Canadians do not shine with imagination. When asked what to try in Canada, french fries, burgers and donuts come to mind. However,…

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In the area around Churchill, Manitobe, a lot of interesting things. This area is often called the capital of polar bears. They have been living here since the founding of…

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Cathedrals of montreal

Notre Dame Cathedral

In the heart of Montreal, on Arts Square, is Canada’s national historic landmark – Notre Dame Basilica – one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

The cathedral, containing up to nine thousand parishioners, was erected in 1829 according to the design of James O’Donnell, an architect who revived the Gothic style. Therefore, from the outside the cathedral looks somewhat gloomy with its seventy-meter pointed peaked bell towers, which are directed upward. It is noteworthy that the ringing of one of the ten-ton bells, called Jean-Baptiste, is heard at a distance of 25 kilometers from the temple.

The interior of the basilica is saturated with ancient luxury and strikes the imagination with the exquisite beauty of stained-glass windows, an altar and carvings on rare woods. The organ music makes us forget about worldly vanity.

St. Joseph Cathedral

Those people who respect not only their faith, but also the faith of others, deserve praise. Even in the event that you are not a Catholic, it will never hurt you to just visit the famous St. Joseph Cathedral in Montreal, Canada. You will be struck by all the splendor not only of the construction of the cathedral, but also of the style in which it was built (Italian Renaissance). The cathedral was built by two architects from France and you can find it on the northern slope of Mont-Royal. The height of the building itself can surprise even the most sophisticated audience – 61 meters.

The cathedral is located in the very center of the city, so it will not be difficult to find it, because Mount Mont-Rural itself is also located in the city center.

In the event that it turns out that you are a supporter of the Catholic Church, moreover, you should not miss such a chance. After all, many dream of visiting the main Catholic church in Canada, but not everyone has this opportunity, unfortunately. If you still have such a chance, in no case do not refuse such an opportunity.

Marie-Ren-du-Monde Cathedral

The Cathedral of Mary, Queen of the World, also known as Marie-Ren-du-Mond is located in Montreal, Canada. It is the third largest in Quebec, it is 101 meters long and 46 meters wide. The height of the central dome of the cathedral is 77 meters and its diameter is 23. A small chapel is located near the central building; it is decorated with a majestic marble cross with a crucifix made by the sculptor Philip Eber.

The construction of this cathedral was organized by the second Montreal bishop, Ignatius Bourget. He was to replace the burnt in 1852 Cathedral of Saint-Jacques. It was built in the Neo-Gothic style, while some fragments of the exterior were copied from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Construction began in 1875, and by 1894 the temple was consecrated.

The facade of the temple is crowned with statues of the patron saints of the thirteen parishes of Montreal, which is very similar to the Cathedral of St. Peter, whose facade is crowned with twelve figures of the apostles. The interior decoration of the Cathedral of Mary, Queen of the World, is very rich, the arches and cornices are gilded, and the walls are decorated with biblical motifs. The main element of the interior is the church altar, located in the center of the temple, above which there is a canopy – a small copy of the creation of Bernia.

Russian Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

In 1970, the church gained independence from the Moscow Patriarchate, before that it was an integral part of the American Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church. It has parishes in Canada, the USA, Mexico, South America and Australia, consists of 13 dioceses, and publishes its own newspaper, the Orthodox Church. Believers are representatives of various ethnic groups. The church holds all church services in Church Slavonic, sometimes in English and French, and adheres to the Julian “Old” calendar.

The south and north sides of the temple are decorated with icon cases, the manufacture of which used a rare African mahogany. The ancient gospel, which is already several hundred years old, is used for worship. Recently, a new icon appeared in the church – this is the icon of St. Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, which is revered throughout the Orthodox world. On Friday of Holy Week, the Cathedral Holy Shroud, created in 1907 and brought from Tsarist Russia, is brought out for worship. Before the icon of the holy great martyr Panteleimon with particles of holy relics, many candles are always placed, people ask for holy intercession before God during illnesses. The cathedral hosts charity concerts of vocal and piano music.

Montreal Cathedral

The Cathedral in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin of the city of Montreal (Italian: Duomo di Monreale or Santa Maria Nuova) is an archbishop’s cathedral located in Montreal – a suburb of Palermo. An important monument of Arab-Norman architecture, laid by the Sicilian king William II Good. Known for its magnificent cycle of mosaics on the themes of the Old and New Testaments, relating to the XII century.

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