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Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls is located 8.5 km northeast of the city of Quebec in the province of Quebec (Canada). It is formed by the Montmorency River (101 km long), which flows into the St. Lawrence River downstream of Quebec. It is near the mouth that a powerful stream of water flows down. Its height is 84 meters and its width is 46 meters. This natural formation is the highest in the province. At its base is a small lake with a depth of 17 meters.

History reference
The name was given to the waterfall in 1613 by the French navigator and cartographer Samuel de Champlain (1574-1635). He named the majestic waters in honor of the prominent French commander of the Duke Henry II de Montmorency. The name has taken root and has survived to this day.

Tourist info
This place is extremely popular with tourists, as it is very easy to get to it. You can take a bus from the old town, or can be reached by car. But then you have to pay for parking.

tourists near Montmorency waterfall
You can get to the waterfall for free if you climb the stairs from the tourist help center. However, this ascent requires some physical effort. In winter, the stairs are sometimes closed due to icing.

Staircase to the top of the waterfall
Hard, but free
There is also a cable car and suspension bridge. The cable car has a length of 120 meters and leads from the bottom of the falling water to the top. Movement is carried out by funicular. A round-trip ticket for an adult costs $ 10.

Suspension bridge over a waterfall
A suspension bridge is thrown over the crest of Montmorency. On it you can go from one coast to another. It offers amazing views of the surroundings. There are also observation points on the cliff slopes. They are connected by pedestrian paths.

Funicular over a waterfall
In the old days, different owners owned the waterfall and the land around. Each of them erected some buildings. One even built a country house in this place, which somewhat diversified the natural landscape. In the eastern part of the park, adjacent to the falling water, there are ruins of earthen forts. These fortifications were used in the middle of the 18th century during the war.

After watching the natural splendor, you can relax in the bar next to the cable car, eat in the restaurant and visit the gift shop. In addition, a hotel was built in the park. It works all year round. You can spend the night in it, and the next day with fresh strength continue to explore the Montmorency waterfall.

A powerful roaring wall of foamy water – this is the famous Canadian waterfall Montmorency, located very close to the center of Quebec.

This powerful stream became known to Europeans in the middle of the 16th century. The first to happen to see the grand waterfall were Jean Fontenot and, later, Samuel de Champlain. It was he who immortalized in the name of the stream the name of Admiral Henri de Montmorency, Viceroy of New France.

Since the lands around the waterfall were owned by different owners, the waterfall also passed from hand to hand. One of them – Sir Frederick Haldeman – even arranged a country house near the waterfall, making the beauty of the wild landscape before cozy and ennobled.

Around the waterfall, special paths are laid along which you can climb up to the bridge over the water tearing off a cliff. It should be borne in mind that the climb is quite difficult, it will require strength and is unlikely to be a nice walk. But the view from the bridge is breathtaking and worth the effort.

Of course, the waterfall is one of the main attractions of Quebec, and Canada in general. And Quebec residents are especially proud of the fact that their 84-meter Montmorency is 30 meters above the famous Niagara Falls.

In any season of the year and time of day (even at night when the waterfall is highlighted) Montmorency is majestic and beautiful. And the proximity to the city, of course, makes it a very popular destination for excursion routes.

The name of the waterfall was given by the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain, in honor of his patron duke of Montmorency. To the left of the waterfall is Montmorency House, also known as Kent House. The mansion, built at the end of the XVIII century, was famous as one of the favorite places of the Duke of Kent, the father of Queen Victoria. Near the waterfall there are many walking trails laid in a picturesque area, and picnic areas.

In the summer period – from late July to mid-August – a stream falling from a cliff with the onset of darkness is highlighted in the most intricate ways. The reason for this is the International Fireworks Competition taking place here, which takes place two nights a week. An equally impressive sight is the waterfall in winter, when the water stream forms an ice cliff, often called the Sugarloaf and attracting climbers.

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