Whistler Blackcomb - Ski Resort
Whistler blackcomb Whistler Blackcomb is located in the city of Whistler, a hundred kilometers from Vancouver. The resort occupies an area between two very high peaks. The highest point is…

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Thousand islands
It was a long time ago ... Severe glaciers covered our young Earth and it seemed that it would always be so. But the sun warmed the blue ice, thin…

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Overseas trip to Canada
In the summer, my husband was sent on a business trip to Canada. Naturally, I decided to join him, and even take our two teenage children. After all, there is…

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Quebec is one of the few cities on the North American continent where a French-speaking culture has been preserved. Its historical center near the banks of the St. Lawrence River preserves the atmosphere of French port towns, and it is precisely for this atmosphere that tourists come here: rarely where else will you feel the surroundings of the Old World on the territory of the New.

The city used to flourish thanks to shipbuilding and trade, but today it is known as the city of high technology, the seat of government and the “American Montmartre”. A significant plus of Quebec – music festivals that are held in the city throughout the year.

The climate in Quebec is extremely harsh. In winter, a huge amount of snow falls and, although the temperature at the beginning of winter rarely drops below −15С, in the period from January to March it often reaches −40С.

Spring is very short, summer comes almost immediately and the temperature rises to + 35 ° C with a humidity of 80-90%. So it is best to visit Quebec in the fall, when it is warm, dry and sunny.

Restaurants and local cuisine
In many shops and markets you can find cheeses produced on the surrounding farms. Due to its excellent taste and texture, local brie and camembert are considered one of the best cheeses in North America. Alternatively, you can try the traditional québecoise tourtière and poutine meat pie – fried potatoes with cheese and sauce.

If you are interested in Quebec cuisine, check out Aux Anciens Canadiens, where you can find many traditional dishes, including those made from buffalo meat, caribou and wapiti deer. Before 17:45 in the restaurant you can order a set lunch; the average bill is 20-25 CAD.

At Le Continental, you can taste shrimp and lobster in a warm, comfortable setting; filet mignon, which simply melts in your mouth, and other French dishes. Pretty expensive – but definitely worth it.

Le Petit Coin Latin serves excellent breakfasts starting at 8 a.m. for only 6.25 CAD, while the Casse-Crepe Breton prepares delicious, inexpensive pancakes, but the restaurant is quite small and there is often a line-up at the entrance – so it’s better to check there early.

For oriental cuisine, you should go to L’Elysee Mandarin, which offers perfectly prepared traditional Chinese dishes and is decorated like a Chinese mandarin garden (the main course costs about 15 CAD) or to the Japanese Samurai Restaurant Japonais with set meals from 9.95 CAD.

Quebec Hotels
If you are looking for a budget option, you should opt for Auberge de Jeunesse de la Paix – breakfast, cuisine and a convenient location for just 20 CAD. Hotel Auberge Michel Doyon- 43.25 CAD per person will be a little more expensive. The hotel is located a 10-minute drive from the Old Town, close to banks, shops and restaurants.

If you plan to stay in Quebec for a long time, you should choose Résidences – Université Laval, in which you will find the lowest prices for stays of 4 weeks or more – only 11 CAD per night. The charming family-run L’Hôtel du Vieux Québec is located in the Old Town, a couple of blocks from attractions and restaurants. Room rates from 96 CAD to 266 CAD.

Auberge Quatre-Temps is quite far from the city (about 15 minutes by car), but it has a wonderful spa and a four-star restaurant le Laké. Le Château Frontenac is one of the oldest hotels in the Canadian Pacific Railway. This building, looking like an old castle that can be seen from almost anywhere in Quebec, claims to be the most photographed hotel in North America. The hotel is next to the cable cars connected to Haute-Ville and Basse-Ville. A night in this hotel will cost at least 300 CAD, but there are often big discounts there.

Attractions and Attractions Quebec
In the exposition of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, located in the Battlefields Park, you can also find works by Canadian masters of different periods, in addition, exhibitions of works by European and American artists are often held there. One of the two pavilions of the museum is the old Quebec prison. To view the permanent exhibition, admission is free, at the time of the exhibitions – 20 CAD for adults. Website: https://www.mnbaq.org.

The Citadel (La Citadelle) is a wall surrounding the Old Town. At 10 a.m. there is a change of guard, and if the weather permits, you can look at the guards in funny fur hats. Observatoire de la Capitale is one of the highest buildings in Quebec, in which you can see a panorama of the entire city for 14.75 CAD. Website: http://www.observatoire-capitale.com

Place-Royale – the place where Samuel de Champlain landed in 1608, who founded the first French settlement in North America, now turned into a beautiful square. Do not miss the huge murals on the adjacent building.

In the Museum of Civilization, you can see exhibits telling about different peoples of the world. It will be a great substitute for the Museum of History if it seems boring to you.

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