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Buffalo Road, Niagara Falls
After 10 in the morning, when the T-mobile sales points were opened (at home I put on the map several taken from their website.) I stopped at one of them,…

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To the village, to the aunt, to the wilderness, to Canada
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Canada. Instructions for use

I dreamed about Canada, but somehow cautiously, timidly and uncertainly. Dreams were hindered by stories about visa difficulties, complete incomprehensions from which side to take on this country, and how you can still see it. But Niagara Falls attracted, and it was from the Canadian side.

The decision ripened somewhat unexpectedly. The Hawaiian vacation presented a meeting with an interesting Canadian, who, like us, was ready to get up at 4 in the morning and rush to meet the dawn at a remote point on the island. It was there, setting up a tripod and waiting for the first rays of the sun, and an exchange of views took place, whether we should start with Canada. The deep conviction of the Canadian side that tourists from Russia in Canada are always happy that talking about difficulties with visas is just talking and there’s absolutely nothing to fear, that Canada is an incredibly beautiful country, and that you have to fly there in late September to enjoy the beauty of the Canadian autumn. our next plans and, in conversation, a new word appeared – Canada.

The idea of ​​autumn Canada belonged entirely to my husband.

Before the gnashing of teeth, I wanted to see the ocean sand, and even a splash screen on a computer screen with the beauties of the Canadian fall, at first helped a little. Resisting for the sake of order, I threw out a white flag – we didn’t have much time with a Canadian visa, and we love to wait for a vacation very early resolving all issues with visas, flights, hotels and other things.

How to see Canada?

The first question and the most important one is how to see a country that is slightly smaller than our territory, and is even divided into English and French-speaking parts? Acquaintances living in Canada immediately warned that French Canada is so French that English is useless even in hotels.

The second question is what exactly is worth a look. Moreover, Niagara Falls was supposed to be the finish, it was clear from the very beginning.

The third question was selfish – applying for a visa required hotel reservations and flights. What to do in case of refusal of a visa, which in principle should not be refused, but you never know …

As a result of disputes, disagreements, the search for consensus, timid proposals – maybe all the same to the ocean, we decided to connect our destiny with organized tourism and not rack our brains by inventing a bicycle.

After that, I was completely depressed. I do not like in an organized way, with a group and a guide, look right, look left. The horrors of visiting lured shops, cheap food stuffs with dubious food, long expectations of late and delayed people, the unknown competence of the guide (I had seen enough of them over the years of travel) completely crippled my already sluggish enthusiasm. But common sense considerations overpowered my doubts. Looking ahead, I’ll say that I was tormented not in vain ….

It was decided to combine a visit to Canada with continued acquaintance with the United States. As compensation for the collective tour, I was promised an independent study of New York, which certainly comforted my sorrows.

Having combined, having corresponded and called back with the receiving party, we got this tour:

Arrived in New York. Then early in the morning we drove towards Canada.

Capital of Canada. The fourth largest city in Canada. It was Queen Victoria who appointed Ottawa the capital, reconciling French and English Canada. Since the Parliament is open for visits by groups, we discussed this issue especially. I really wanted to see the Parliament from the inside, and we were not completely disappointed after visiting it!

– Thousand Islands

An archipelago of islands stretching along the border of Canada and the United States, along the St. Lawrence River at its source. Many islands are inhabited and popular with Canadians. The sizes of the islands also differ – from extensive to islands “on one tree.”

– Toronto

Southern Ontario, Canadian Las Vegas. The famous Horseshoe Falls, a light night show – all this can only be viewed from the Canadian side. For the sake of Niagara Falls, I was ready for almost anything! Niagara failed and appeared in all its glory.

– Niagara Falls from the American side

There was a walk along Niagara, swimming in the waters of the “Horseshoe” and us, and our long-suffering cameras.

– Return to New York.

All cities will be described in more detail in my subsequent reports.

Not hoping for a guide, we delved into the history of the country and cities that we had to see with our own eyes. And it was not in vain that we spent time studying materials, extra knowledge never happens …

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