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Calgary – Main Attractions

You can write about Canada as much as you like – this is the country of “maple leaves”, the birthplace of hockey, a huge number of lakes, waterfalls and endless forests, snowy expanses and so on. But I would like to share with you my impressions of my trip to the glorious city of Calgary.

I have long wanted to visit Canada and now the time has come. It so happened that I began my journey from the provincial capital Alberta – Calgary. So, first things first.

The first thing, of course, was the question of purchasing airline tickets from Moscow to Calgary, and on the advice of my friends I turned to the increasingly popular service. After analyzing my wishes, the estimated dates of departure and arrival back, the operators of this service immediately offered me several options for flying there and also offered several flights from Calgary to Moscow (see Moscow: personal impressions).

After a short correspondence, as it were, and following certain procedures, I became the proud owner of plane tickets to Calgary. After a long eighteen-hour flight with a transfer in Amsterdam, your humble servant set foot on Canadian soil.

Landing at the city’s international airport and arriving at the hotel where the place was reserved in advance, I rested a bit and went to explore (as much as possible) local attractions. I would like to briefly describe this city and plunge a little into its history.

So – Canada, the city of Calgary, is, in fact, the business capital of the province of Alberta and is located in a very picturesque place. From the west, from the Pacific winds, the city is protected by the majestic Rocky Mountains on the slopes of which near the Calgary is located the Banff Nature Reserve, by the way, the oldest in Canada.

Endless prairies extend from the eastern side. Since the mid-twentieth century, the province of Alberta has been overwhelmed by the oil boom, and life in Calgary has changed dramatically – from a cowboy town, it has turned into a business city, in which skyscrapers belonging to oil magnates such as Chevron, Shell, Nexen and others began to appear. The population of Calgary has more than one million people – this is a real metropolis!

I may seem somewhat banal, but my first excursion was to almost the main attraction of the city – Calgary Tower. The height of this structure is almost 191 meters and the tower looks very extravagant – a kind of hat that is planted on a slender leg.

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It was built in honor of the centenary of Canada and was supposed to be the tallest building in North America. A specific feature of the tower is that it sways with a strong wind, but do not worry – it is very stable, although the sensations, I tell you, are still there!

During the Fifteenth Winter Olympics, a giant torch was installed on the Calgary Tower, which burned throughout the entire duration of the competition. It is ignited now on major public holidays or in honor of the victory of the local hockey team Calgary Flames.

Yes, they love their team here! Generally say that Calgary loves hockey – do not say anything. They live here and if you even understand a little in hockey, and I am just that, then you will be in this city as your own.

I talked with some Canadians about hockey, and so, I still remember the USSR series – Canada of ’72 and, mentioning it, I saw such awe in their eyes! And at the mention of such names as the Tretyak, Kharlamov, Clark, Kournoye they looked at me even with some respect.

Excuse me for some retreat, but I just love hockey. Next, I decided not to ignore the cultural life of Calgary and went to the Glenbow Museum. Truly, this is a magnificent building both in size and in meaning, if I may say so.

This is one of the largest museums in the country and under its roof are located the museum itself, archives, library and art gallery. Millions of valuable artifacts, works of art of cultural and historical value are exhibited there.

The museum hosts many various exhibitions with completely different subjects. In particular, I visited the exhibition of samurai swords and other edged weapons – the impressions of the sea, since I am very interested in this topic.

By the way, on the territory of the Glenbow Museum there are three shelters for the needy and homeless, and quite a lot of social programs are conducted and implemented here.

Returning from the museum at about seven o’clock in the evening, I watched an amusing picture called El Pulpo Mecanico. An octopus dragon was shown on the street, yes you were not mistaken. In fact, it was a kind of sublimation of the art and technology of an octopus figure, able to release flames.

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