Museums in Montreal
Museum of Canadian Railways The Canadian Railroad Museum is located in the southern suburbs of Montreal. Here are collected more than 250 thousand exhibits on the history of this type…

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Montreal Parks
La Fontaine is an extensive city park located in the heart of Montreal. The park is very beautiful; it is perfect for picnics, hiking and outdoor sports. Lafontaine Park got…

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Canada. Instructions for use
I dreamed about Canada, but somehow cautiously, timidly and uncertainly. Dreams were hindered by stories about visa difficulties, complete incomprehensions from which side to take on this country, and how…

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Whistler Blackcomb – Ski Resort

Whistler blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb is located in the city of Whistler, a hundred kilometers from Vancouver. The resort occupies an area between two very high peaks. The highest point is located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. On the mainland, you will no longer encounter such steep differences in height as here.

The area of ​​the park is truly amazing and equals approximately three thousand hectares. In 2010, the 21st Olympic Winter Games were held in this village.

Blackcomb Summit
The Blackcomb Top is great for riding on a board. The difference in height reaches more than one and a half thousand meters, and the snow cover is almost one meter! At the disposal of guests and about a hundred peaks of varying degrees of complexity. A nice addition will be 24 chair and drag lifts of the plate type, as well as a high-speed gondola. Fanpark and super-pipe are adapted for snowboarding.

Apres-ski will not let you get bored, because you can spend time in cafes and night clubs. For fans of extreme sports there are nature and landscape excursions, mountain biking, horseback riding and sleigh rides, river rafting, glacier skiing, heliskiing, heliboarding, ice skating and snowmobiling. There are a lot of leisure options, so the moments spent here will be remembered for a long time.

Food and entertainment at the resort
For lovers of a significant level of service, Whistler-Blackcomb will seem like a paradise, because guests are offered a solid selection of hotels for every taste. In the evening, you can have a delicious dinner in a restaurant, since there are more than two hundred of them. Almost all cuisines of the world are represented: from classic Italian to exotic Chinese. Amusement establishments are located in such unusual places as mountains (for example, the Rendezvous restaurant), and not just on the city streets. Bar Garibaldi Lift Co. Bar & Grill is especially revered by the public, because it is considered one of the best in North America.

What and where to buy at a ski resort
Shopaholics are waiting for a myriad of stores. They feature souvenirs, the latest collections of fashionable clothes, perfumes and cosmetics. The city even has duty-free shops. Local bazaars offer customers craft products and home-made food.

Variety of tracks
High speed – this is what distinguishes the local ski lifts, and in any ski resort in the world can not find such high-speed facilities for lifting skiers and snowboarders. Half of the tracks have medium difficulty, the rest are light and extreme tracks for high-class professionals. There is a lot of rainfall in this area, so there is no snow deficit, in the case of weather anomalies, snow throwers are launched. The skiing season in these areas is long, a winter fairy tale lasts from late autumn to early summer.

Gentle paths are located in the forests, and in the rocky spurs of the mountains are already more dangerous descents, where beginners should not try their hand. Novice athletes should refrain from conquering Big Bang and Couloir-Extrem. The longest routes are more than ten kilometers. The most challenging slopes are on Double Black Diamond near the Horstman Glacier. It can be visited even in the warm season.

Whistler Blackcomb is the mecca of all snowboard enthusiasts. On the whole continent, one cannot find such a large-scale territory equipped for skiing in the virgin lands. Athletes also have at their disposal a wide variety of halfpipes and fanparks, each of which can be used by both beginners and professionals. The latter prefer more difficult descents. The snowboard camp is open to guests all season.

Snowboard camps are a great opportunity not only to have fun in the company of friends, but to learn new techniques and get your dose of adrenaline. Staying in them includes outdoor activities, meeting interesting people and entertainment. From mid-winter to March, sporting events take place where the best of the best are determined.
But the cost of tickets for the lifts will not be affordable for many. Perhaps this is the only thing that can scare away tourists from visiting the resort.

Leisure options
Whistler has a huge number of parks: this is an amusement park and a historical park, located in a forest and near ponds. The resort is located in a picturesque place, and the local flora and fauna is striking in its diversity. For nature lovers, special ecological tours to nature reserves are organized.

Even in such a small town there are galleries and museums where works of art by contemporary artists and sculptors are presented. Tourists can also play golf, go fishing, visit the pool, combining skiing with swimming. Russian tourists will be happy to appreciate such childish fun as sledding down the mountain. Fans of nightlife will not mind having fun in cowboy bars and lighting on the local dance floors.

Having plenty to ride from the mountains, you can visit Amsterdam, it will conquer you with its charm.

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