In the provinces of Canada, which are located on the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, excursions and cruises to observe large marine animals and ornithological tours are very…

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Travel to the country of maple leaves. Montreal
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Victoriously marching around the planet, the year of the eastern monkey, decided to look into a small town with the unpretentious name Granby, which was leisurely located in the southern…

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Treasures of British Columbia

This is a unique expedition trip, formed on the basis of a five-year study of the nature and history of the beautiful Canada. One journey combines a unique layer of experiences from expeditions to whales and hikes through centuries-old forests, to exploring the culture of Russian Dukhobors – Fred Macortoff (head of Russian Dukhobors in British Columbia and professor) will spend the whole day with us. Gold-ghost cities and wild hot springs – this experience is combined from more than 20 individual routes into one – the most informative and beautiful.

The route is organized so that the active days of adventure are combined with a day of tranquility, and a day full of excursions with the silence of the Pacific Ocean or wild lakes.

Upon request, it is possible to conduct photo shoots, yoga classes, training in the basics of survival in the wild, surfing and diving, seminars on emigration and training in Canada, or a trip to Canada’s highest waterfall by helicopter.

Drive along the roads of North America, get lost in the dense Rainforest of Vancouver Island, conquer the legendary lakes of Canada in magnificent national parks, relax in wild hot springs, go out into the open ocean with an expedition to whales, admire the endless beaches of the Pacific Ocean, whales and bears, stroll around Vancouver, which is called the best city to live in the world, and taste the Dukhoborsky borscht, which Leo Tolstoy loved so much, in company with the main Doukhobor of British Columbia. Welcome to Canada. My Canada.

Day 1. The historic heart of Vancouver – Gaztown
The place where Vancouver met the first explorers, the Chinese garden, first built outside of China according to all the traditions of Feng Shui, Stanley Park, its beaches, totem poles and many stories: about Guinness, how TED-Talks, Pamele Anderson, Nelli Furtado were born, Jackperdun and the Bachelors Parade: it is a city of brave men, millionaires and freedom. Welcome!

Day 2: Capillano Suspension Bridge and Downtown Vancouver by Ferry
The coniferous smell of McDougal fir, delight at an altitude of more than 100 meters from the earth, the magic of the tropical evergreen forests of British Columbia and the urban jungle. How is life in Vancouver, and why is it one of the most desirable cities for life in the world?

Day 3. Comfortable ferry among the islands and fjords of the Pacific Ocean to Vancouver Island in Victoria
The first visit of James Cook and the English Intervention, traditions and life of the Indians, modern history and comfort of the good old England on the edge of the earth
Butchard Gardens (included in the 5 most beautiful botanical gardens in the world)
Canada’s narrowest and most sinful street and China’s influence on the development of British Columbia
Day 4. In the wild
We delve into the beauty of the evergreen tropical forest of Vancouver Island and Pacific Rome National Park. The forest that inspired James Cameron for the movie Avatar. The end of all the roads of Canada and civilization. A night on the shores of the open Pacific Ocean in Tofino.

Day 5. Expedition with an oceanologist to the wild island of the Indian reservation
6 hours in the open Ocean: whales, sea lions and seals. Trekking through the millennial endemic forest to wild hot springs flowing into the Ocean. There is no connection with the world, the past dissolves, and you are immersed in the world that existed on our planet thousands of years before us.

Day 6. Day of immersion in the nature of Canada
Surfing, kayaking, traveling to wild whales and bears, or just being alone with some of the most beautiful and wild beaches in the world. Organic herbal tea harvested in these forests or organic champagne is the best way to meet the sunset on the edge of the Earth.

Day 7. Travel to the capital of yachts and fishermen Nanaimo and a comfortable ferry to Vancouver
Rest and a little shopping for those who wish.

Day 8. Road trip deep into Canada
Through national parks, wine valleys and 4 completely different climatic zones. The cleanest drinking water in the world (certified by a diploma), deer, moose, local farms with peaches, wine and cherries.

Day 9. “Switzerland” of North America
City Nelson. The best city to live, according to Richard Branson.

Day 10. Expedition-trip to the Kutney-Glacier Glacier and night in the forester’s cabin
The favorite place for winter sports of the family of the Prime Minister of Canada is a unique hike, where in 6 hours we will pass 4 natural zones: from a century-old forest, alpine meadows, lakes in the rocks to the glacier.

Day 11. Immersion in the history of Russian Dukhobors
The head of the Doukhobors in British Columbia will show from within the life and rituals of their community. It is here, among the mountains and lakes of British Columbia, that unpublished articles and diaries of Leo Tolstoy are secretly kept. It is here, according to the traditions of the Dukhobors, that the sacred land is located on which the Lord bequeathed to them to wait for his second coming.

Located among 4 national parks – this is the real Venice of our Russian culture in Canada: it is just as beautiful and just as inexorably erased by time from the face of the planet.

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Treasures of British Columbia
This is a unique expedition trip, formed on the basis of a five-year study of the nature and history of the beautiful Canada. One journey combines a unique layer of…


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