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Canada ski resorts

Canada is a country with a wide variety of natural areas. In summer, marine recreation and ecotourism are available here. River banks, lake surfaces, mountain slopes and waterfalls attract here who want to see nature of amazing beauty. In winter, Canada offers guests its snow-covered slopes. There are many mountains in Canada. These are the Cordillera mountain ranges and the highest peaks in Canada in the Yukon Province, the Rocky Mountains, stretching from north to south for more than 600 km and occupying part of the province of British Columbia, the Apalachian Mountains in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.
Most of the Rocky Mountains in Canada are given the status of national parks. There are 5 of them:

Waterton lakes
Here, as in many other places in Canada, ski tourism is developing and excellent conditions have been created for outdoor activities and sports. Let us dwell on the most popular ski resorts in Canada.

The resort is located in Alberta, in the Rocky Mountains National Park of the same name, 144 km from Calgary. Its structure includes Lake Louise, Norquay and Sunshine Village. Here, lovers of skiing or snowboarding along the mountain slope will find equipped trails of both high difficulty and for beginners.

Lake louise

This pilgrimage destination for skiers and snowboarders is located in Banff National Park. The resort is huge, it covers an area of ​​1700 hectares. All kinds of competitions are held here. In addition to skiing, snowboarding, there are engaged in border cross-country, freestyle, freeriding (heliski and ketski). Here you can ride a sleigh pulled by dogs, and for figure skating enthusiasts they can fill in a skating rink. The highest point of the resort is 2637 m. In total there are 113 routes and 11 lifts.

This is one of the oldest ski resorts in the Alberta Mountains. It is located by Norkway Mountain in Banff National Park. The highest point is -2133 m. In total there are 33 tracks equipped with lifts and ski jumps. The presence of hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers make the rest here comfortable. The ski season begins at the end of November and lasts until April.

Whistler is located in the mountains of British Columbia, 120 km from Vancouver. The resort has a developed base and is so famous among skiers that it became the venue for the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. It is located in the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. Trails, lifts, all the necessary infrastructure in Whistler – at the highest level. In addition to skiing here, snowmobiles, sleigh rides, mountain biking and other snowmobile devices are also available here. The ski slopes in Whistler are over 100, and the longest of them is 11 km in length. For the convenience of skiers – 16 ski lifts, hotels (as many as 69), restaurants, entertainment complexes and everything to have fun and health benefits.

Big White
The Big White resort is just 55 km from Kelowna (BC) on Lake Okanagan. The highest point of local slopes is 2319, the average height is 1500 m. There are programs for teaching beginners alpine skiing. Weather conditions are the best in all of Canada.

Mont Tremblant

The Lawrence Mountains, in Quebec, stretch from the south of the province to the St. Lawrence River. Their peaks are under snow cover all year round. Forests grow on the slopes, and lakes grow at the foot. The area captivates with its beauty. The highest point of Lavrentid is Mont-Tremblant Peak, whose height is 935 m. To get here from Quebec City, you will need to overcome 40 km, from Montreal – 100 km. Ski slopes stretch here for 76 km. The longest route is 6 km. Half of all tracks are of a high level of difficulty. Modern equipment allows you to lift 27 thousand people to the top of the mountain in 1 hour. There are in Mont-Tremblant and appropriate schools for beginners, and all the necessary infrastructure.

Silver star
Silver Star Resort is located in British Columbia (Kelowna). There are all conditions for skiing. The track reaches a length of 100 km.
Active and strong, desperate and restless rest in the ski resorts of Canada will definitely please!

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