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Diving in Canada

Vancouver Island Dive Tour (14 days)

One of the best places in the world for diving besides the Red Sea is the cold waters of Vancouver Island, in particular, Port Hardy and Hornby Island. Here you will not find Caribbean fish and corals, but 24 species of cetaceans, sea lions, seals and seals, killer whales, giant octopus and squid, white sharks.

Tour program
Day 1: Meeting at the Airport, transfer, hotel accommodation

Day 2: Sightseeing tour of Vancouver with its main attractions

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Private and group tours and excursions. Sport, nature, culture.
Vancouver Golden Mile – Stanley Park & ​​Queen Elizabeth Park
Historic Gustown (Gastown) and Exotic Chinatown (Chinatown)
Granville Island (Granville Island) with its famous market and many art studios and galleries (here we will have the opportunity to have a snack)
We will pass along the famous Lions Gate Bridge (Lion Gate Bridge)
Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver
Closer to dusk, visit the Harbor Center observation deck Harbor Center with a sunset and the best views of downtown at night for dinner at the Seventh Heaven Restaurant
Day 3: Our journey begins with a very early rise, transit to the port of Tsavassen 1.5 – 2 hours ferry crossing through the Inland Sea, which has 2 names – Salish sea or Georgia Strait

We will pass by the picturesque islands. On all the ferries crossing the sea there is a great opportunity to have a snack, which we will use!

Upon arrival to the Island, we move to the center of Victoria, the provincial capital and the only British city on the territory of the American continent.

Depending on the schedule of the Killer Whale Watching tour that day, we:

Or visit the Parliament building, walk along the promenade. And then a sea voyage with viewing of killer whales (the tour takes 3 hours).
Or first a sea voyage. And then hotel accommodation, Parliament and a walk through downtown Victoria, smoothly turning into dinner.

Day 4: Transfer from Victoria to Nanaimo (Nanaimo) along the beautiful road along the sea Island Highway

On the way, we call on an excursion to a charming town with a difficult Indian name Chemainus (Chemeinus).
The city is famous for outdoor gallery of murals (murals – wall painting). Almost all the walls of the houses in the center are painted. Chemanius is also known for diving on the flooded Boeing 737 (not on this trip).
Arrival at Nanaimo, accommodation at the Buccaneer Inn. Acquaintance with the sights of the city.
Mb loading gear on the bot. Dinner.

Diving in Nanaimo. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Diving tours, diving expeditions in Canada.
Diving in Nanaimo. Vancouver Island

Day 5: Two dives on Cape Breton – a ship participating in World War II

Quick reference: Cape Breton is one of the three largest artificial reefs on the planet.

Displacement – 8700t
Length – 135 m
Soil – 32 m (95 ft)
Felling – 21 m (65 ft)
Day 6: Two dives on Ex-Canadian Navy destroyer Saskatchewan – military destroyer

Summary: Saskatchewan is undeniably the most picturesque and photographed object in British Columbia.

It was about the story of the flooding of this destroyer that the Discovery Channel made a completely stunning film.

Displacement – 2900t
Length – 112 m
Soil – 42+ m (130+ ft)
Day 7: Diving in Dodd Narrows

The gigantic amplitude of the tides (up to 5 meters) creates strong currents in the Narrow Inter-island Canals, which in turn creates ideal conditions for the life diversity of marine forms. Paradise for underwater photographers.

Currents in Dodd Narrows – up to 10 nodes.

Diving in Canada. Newfoundland and Labrador. Canada. Guided tours and excursions.
Diving near St. Johns

For reference: 2 places on the planet claim the title of the fastest sea current in the world. One of them is located in our Inland Sea in absolutely delightful places requiring a special, at least 5-day dive. The speed reaches 18 knots (approx. 34 km / h)

After diving – a quick collection and transfer to Hornby Island (Hornby Island). On the way there is a quick snack, a ferry to Denman Island, a ferry to Hornby Island. Arrival and accommodation at Hornby Island Diving Lodge.

Nimble and fast does not mean that a long and tiresome road awaits us. The distance between Nanaimo and Hornby Island is only 110 km. We just need to catch the last ferry.

Day 8: Norris Rocks

2 dives with Steller Sea Lions (Sivuchi) are the largest representatives of the eared seal family. Underwater, these 700-800 kilogram guys please with friendliness, playfulness and photogenicity. A constantly living population allows you to dive with them almost all year round.

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