Quebec is one of the few cities on the North American continent where a French-speaking culture has been preserved. Its historical center near the banks of the St. Lawrence River…

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Travel to Quebec City
So our plans came three years ago. When we were just going to the province of Quebec, we decided to soon visit the capital of French Canada. But things are…

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Clubs of Montreal
Stereo nightclub is a great option to spend your time after a working day in Montreal. This club is one of the most popular house music clubs on the planet.…

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Vancouver is located in British Columbia, on the southwestern tip of Canada on the Pacific coast. It is the largest city in the province and one of the main ports of North America. In addition, it is one of the most picturesque cities in the country. Downtown Vancouver is located at the foot of two magnificent peaks – Mount Seymour and Halliburn. Through the numerous rivers of Vancouver, 20 bridges were laid, three of which – Burard Bridge, Kambi Bridge and Granville Bridge – drawbridges.

There are several ski resorts in the vicinity of Vancouver, the most popular being Whistler.

Vancouver Beaches
Vancouver is surrounded by 18 km of sandy beaches that start from Stanley Park and end on the other side of the English Bay. The most popular are the beaches of Stanley Park, Kitsilano, Jericho, Spanish Banks, Locarno, Point Bay, River Beach, Akadia and Tower. In summer, the temperature of coastal waters does not rise above +18 ° C, so the beaches are mainly used for picnics. There are also pools, showers and changing cabins. Northwest Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast beach area is very popular.

Universities of Vancouver
There are a number of educational institutions in Vancouver, among which are Simon Fraser University, whose main campus is located on the top of the mountain in Barnaby, which offers breathtaking views of the city. With over 30,000 full-time students, SFU is recognized as Canada’s top Macleans university.

The University of British Columbia is among the top thirty in the world and is the largest university in western Canada. More than 50,000 students study at the UBC main campus in South Vancouver.

Langara College in South Vancouver, offers a number of programs in the field of art, humanities, business and technology, as well as continuing education and ESL courses. The Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design at Granville Island offers a number of programs focused primarily on design and fine art. Great Northern Way Campus East Vancouver programs focus on art, technology and the environment. The British Columbia Institute of Technology at Burnaby is a technical college with a campus in downtown Vancouver.

Entertainment and Attractions
The Science World Center is a 47-meter globular structure topped by a dinosaur silhouette. Here is a modern museum of science, visitors of which can independently walk around inside the camera, blow square soap bubbles or try to catch up with their own shadow.

It is worth going up to the Harbor Center Tower, where in a matter of seconds the high-speed glass elevator will deliver. Needless to say, the view from the skyscraper is simply breathtaking?

Capilano Park – ancient forests with many trails, the capilano canyon, through which a long suspension bridge over 100 years old, and waterfalls are laid. Trips to Stanley Park and its seaside promenade are also popular. It is worth visiting the oldest quarter of the city – Gestown, the largest in China Chinatown, and the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park.

Other attractions: Van Dusen Garden, Japanese Nitob Garden, Christ Church Cathedral, Museum of Art, Vancouver Museum, Anthropological Museum, Century Museum, and Maritime Museum.

It is definitely worth a trip to The Royal Hudson Steam Train – a copy of the train on which the royal couple traveled around Canada in 1939. During a two-hour trip, travelers enjoy views of the rocky coast and dense forests of British Columbia, the finale – Shannon Falls and the Railway Museum.

Vancouver Airport
Vancouver International Airport is located just south of the city. This is the second busiest airport in Canada and an important transportation hub in Western Canada. There are frequent flights from the airport to the cities of British Columbia, major cities of Canada and the USA, Asia and to some cities of Europe.

The airport has three terminals: Domestic serves flights within Canada, International serves flights outside of Canada, and the South Terminal accepts small aircraft and seaplanes. Domestic and international terminals are combined, and therefore, you can freely move between them.

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