Thousand islands
It was a long time ago ... Severe glaciers covered our young Earth and it seemed that it would always be so. But the sun warmed the blue ice, thin…

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The excursion program in Canada is extremely diverse. It offers excursions along the historical routes of the country's native inhabitants and European colonists, visits to ancient cities and large administrative…

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To the village, to the aunt, to the wilderness, to Canada
When I was looking for housing, I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of hotels in Vancouver with the required configuration - there were no triple rooms for a reasonable…

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Museums in Montreal

Museum of Canadian Railways

The Canadian Railroad Museum is located in the southern suburbs of Montreal. Here are collected more than 250 thousand exhibits on the history of this type of transport.

Canada is a country whose history is inextricably linked with the development of vast territories through the creation of new railway routes. A museum was created in the depot of the city of Saint-Constant, which contains the most famous steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and wagons that plowed the expanses of the country throughout the 20th century.

In the Museum of Canadian Railways, you can see dozens of different types of steam and electric locomotives, many wagons and technical trains. It is noteworthy that any of the exhibits can be viewed even from the inside. A walk through the museum can take up to three hours, many interesting items are collected here, each of which bears the imprint of history. Among the most entertaining exhibits, the old 1938 Royal Hudson locomotive can be noted.

On Sundays, a convenient mini-express service runs through the museum, connecting several depots and the main pavilion, where the main part of the documentary exhibition is located.

Chateau Ramsey Museum

The Chateau-Ramsay Museum reflects the life and development of Montreal throughout its three hundred year history. The museum’s collection was formed mainly through donations from citizens who wanted to preserve the remnants of the past and contribute to the education of a new generation. This collection is still distinguished by its richness, rarity and diversity.

Today, the Chateau-Ramsay is the main attraction located in the heart of the historic district of Old Montreal, which is visited by millions of people. The museum continues to carry out its mission to preserve the cultural heritage of Montreal, inviting visitors to relive its history through its exhibitions and multimedia images of historical figures. His many educational and cultural events connect today’s life with the past.

Museum of Archeology and History of Montreal

The Montreal Museum of Archeology and History was opened on May 17, 1992. Its opening was dedicated to the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the founding of the city, which was then celebrated throughout Montreal.

The museum building and its huge exposition are one of the main attractions of Old Montreal, in the center of which is the main museum building. The museum is not one building, but a whole complex consisting of 6 buildings: Eperon, Place Royale, Ancienne-Douane, Youville Pumping Station, Archaeological School and the Sea House.

In addition to showing archaeological and historical exhibits, other thematic exhibitions are organized in the museum, and student and school events are held.

Montreal Science Center Museum

The Montreal Science Center is a popular Canadian museum dedicated entirely to the history of science and modern technology. The museum is located on the pier of King Edward, in the old port of Montreal.

The Montreal Science Center was founded in 2000 with the goal of popularizing science and scientific thinking. This museum is very different from most similar institutions – the local excursions are interactive, and visitors actively participate in various games and educational competitions. In its expositions, the museum uses the most modern technologies, including projection and touch screens, audio systems and realistic three-dimensional models. Some exhibitions are specially designed for children, so the youngest visitors to the museum here will not be bored either.

In general, a visit to the Montreal Science Center is an amazing opportunity not only to broaden your horizons, but also just to have fun. The center also owns a modern IMAX cinema, which demonstrates popular science films in 3d format.

Redpat Museum

Redpath is a popular natural history museum located in the Canadian city of Montreal. Redpath is considered one of the oldest museums in Canada, and its extensive exhibition attracts many tourists.

Redpath is located on the main campus of McGill University. The museum was built in 1882 and named after the rich philanthropist Peter Redpath, who allocated the money for the construction. The museum’s collection contains a rich collection of various fossils and fossils, dinosaur skeletons, various minerals, ethnological artifacts and paleontological rarities.

In addition to the excellent exposure, Redpat also boasts excellent decoration and design – the interiors of the museum are often used as decorations for various films, music videos and commercials.

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