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Travel to the country of maple leaves. Parliament of Canada and Parliament Hill
I really wanted to see the Parliament of Canada. I wanted so much that I almost easily arranged for an organized tour, knowing that in this case an excursion into…

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Big White Travel
The Big White Ski Resort is 56 km from Kelowna in the center of the British Columbia Okanagan Valley. Big White is famous for its stable and large snow cover,…

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Canada occupies almost the entire northern half of mainland North America and the numerous islands adjoining to it, including the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the north, Newfoundland in the east,…

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Travel to Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls

At the end of October, a very short trip to Canada took place (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls).
The flight of 9.5 hours by airbus was easily transferred. This is not 19, as flew through Amsterdam to Bali! TV, books, and now, he is an unfamiliar airport. The plane filled out customs declarations. A sample of filling (in English and Russian!) Was in the back of a chair in a magazine. Standard questions – where, why, for how long, and the condition for importing foreign currency – an amount over 10,000 Canadian dollars must be declared. Border guards, customs – hard. We were warned that even with a visa, you can’t get into the country, everything will depend on the border guard, he can shorten his stay, and may even consider visiting the country inappropriate (?!). Continue reading

Overseas trip to Canada

In the summer, my husband was sent on a business trip to Canada. Naturally, I decided to join him, and even take our two teenage children. After all, there is rarely the opportunity to ride so far!
All problems began with obtaining visas. This is something – getting visas to Canada. For some reason, we were suspected of intending to emigrate to this country and did so with enviable tenacity for two months! My husband was given a visa from the first call, and my children were refused on the grounds that I was going to emigrate there. I was at a loss. Why should I emigrate alone after so many years of marriage? But there was nothing to do, I had to play by their rules and collect a bunch of references. In the end, my boss got angry and gave me a certificate on the official letterhead of the enterprise that I was not going to emigrate. Help was on the official form and with a seal! I was somehow ashamed to take such a linden to the embassy, ​​but strangely enough, they willingly took it, and even gave me, finally, a visa. Two days before the trip! I want to add that all the hotels we have been paid for, and the tickets are non-refundable. So the hassle is still that! Continue reading

Canada ski resorts

Canada is a country with a wide variety of natural areas. In summer, marine recreation and ecotourism are available here. River banks, lake surfaces, mountain slopes and waterfalls attract here who want to see nature of amazing beauty. In winter, Canada offers guests its snow-covered slopes. There are many mountains in Canada. These are the Cordillera mountain ranges and the highest peaks in Canada in the Yukon Province, the Rocky Mountains, stretching from north to south for more than 600 km and occupying part of the province of British Columbia, the Apalachian Mountains in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.
Most of the Rocky Mountains in Canada are given the status of national parks. There are 5 of them:

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Diving in Canada

Vancouver Island Dive Tour (14 days)

One of the best places in the world for diving besides the Red Sea is the cold waters of Vancouver Island, in particular, Port Hardy and Hornby Island. Here you will not find Caribbean fish and corals, but 24 species of cetaceans, sea lions, seals and seals, killer whales, giant octopus and squid, white sharks.

Tour program
Day 1: Meeting at the Airport, transfer, hotel accommodation

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Types of Tourism in Canada


Every year, excursions to observe drifting icebergs become more and more popular. In Canada, this opportunity is provided on the Atlantic coast and the Beaufort Sea.

Newfoundland and Labrador are considered one of the best places in the world to observe drifting icebergs. You can watch them from any point on the northern or eastern coast of the province, because along them lies the famous “Iceberg Alley” along the ocean, along which icebergs go their way along with the cold Labrador Current from Greenland to the warmer waters of the Atlantic, where they melt.

You can also see icebergs on the coast of the Strait of Davis in the Nunavut Territory and on the coast of the Beaufort Sea in the northern part of the Northwest Territories. Continue reading

Montreal Underground City
In the 60s of the 20th century, the chansonnier Gilles Vigno sang: “Mon pays c'est l'hiver” (My country’s name is winter). Quebec residents have always known how to use all…


Big White Travel
The Big White Ski Resort is 56 km from Kelowna in the center of the British Columbia Okanagan Valley. Big White is famous for its stable and large snow cover,…


To the village, to the aunt, to the wilderness, to Canada
When I was looking for housing, I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of hotels in Vancouver with the required configuration - there were no triple rooms for a reasonable…


Travel to Quebec City
So our plans came three years ago. When we were just going to the province of Quebec, we decided to soon visit the capital of French Canada. But things are…