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Victoriously marching around the planet, the year of the eastern monkey, decided to look into a small town with the unpretentious name Granby, which was leisurely located in the southern…

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In the provinces of Canada, which are located on the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, excursions and cruises to observe large marine animals and ornithological tours are very…

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Traveling in Atlantic Canada
Here is a map, a small slice of the Atlantic areas of Canada. Once upon a time, I drove along this ring route from Halifax to Halifax clockwise. This is…

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Buffalo Road, Niagara Falls

After 10 in the morning, when the T-mobile sales points were opened (at home I put on the map several taken from their website.) I stopped at one of them, in Scranton, and bought a SIM card.
Then we made a ritual overseas purchase, drove into a supermarket and bought a package of 25 300 ml water bottles.
On the signposts, at the exits, indicate the fast foods that can be found here. Until lunch, I was waiting for a sign like “Restaurant. It’s very tasty and inexpensive ”, but without waiting for it we left freeway and ended up in the pretty town of Cortland, where we had a nice lunch in a restaurant with live music.

In Buffalo, we arrived only at 5 pm. Let me remind you that the navigator promised to bring in 6.5 hours. Where they left for 4.5 hours remains a mystery. The most amazing thing is that on the way back the story repeated itself. For almost the entire daylight hours we rode a route calculated by the navigator at 6 o’clock. I attributed this effect to the curvature of space and decided to carefully monitor the next trip to Niagara. Continue reading

Blame Canada! – or New Year in Ontario and Quebec

It so happened that I rarely traveled in the winter to another winter. From winter to summer – yes, often. And from winter to winter – literally several times: to Prague, to Munich and to Transylvania (there is even a review about it, yes). The New Year in Paris, with all due respect to him, I would never call winter – plus 15 days in the afternoon of January 1, it doesn’t have anything to do with it. And I really wanted this winter, in the cold, to a frozen (possibly) Niagara or some other waterfall … I wanted so much that in September 2017 I already bought tickets for NG 2017/2018 in Toronto – however, the malicious Brussels Airlines postponed the date the return flight from January 8 to the 6th, trying to throw two days out of the already short winter holidays in this way, after which the tickets were indignantly handed over, and cold Canada was replaced with a warm cruise on the Persian Gulf. But the idea – the idea remained, and therefore, tickets were bought again in 2018, only now not by Brussels, but by the trustworthy Air Canada Continue reading

Calgary, Banff, Whistler, Vancouver

Distance Banff – Whistler 795 km. When we left Banff, it was snowing heavily. It turned out that in Canada, roads are not cleaned. I had to go on a rut done by cars. Slippery, snow drifts, disgusting visibility on mountain roads – it became clear that it would take a long time to go.
With difficulty we got to the city of Golden – and here a surprise awaited us. It turned out that the road (hi-wei No. 1) was blocked due to bad weather, according to the road workers, until the evening or until tomorrow !!! Nothing to do, had to hang in Golden. After talking with the old-timers, we found out that the road is blocked regularly once or twice a year (you have to get in this way), that the road is often blocked in both directions (that is, in Golden you can get stuck permanently) and that the road can be blocked for several days ( and two, and three, and four) depending on the weather. Continue reading

Antigua. Travel to the country of Wadadli

Antigua and Barbuda is locally called Wadadli, and much of the island also includes this “Wadadli” as part of the name. The local Wadadli beer is reminiscent of the Dominican President and the Barbados Banks. The diphthong in the name of the island in English leads to the pronunciation of “Antigu”, and Barbuda rather sounds like “Barbuda” – American patterns are not grafted here.

They flew well. The noble West Jet allowed to carry as much as a whole piece of free baggage on flights outside of Canada and the United States. True, feeding, as everywhere else today on our mainland, relied only on money – or bring it with us, and we will pour you a drink and give a napkin. We did just that. A 5-hour flight nevertheless breaks the day regime. Continue reading

To the village, to the aunt, to the wilderness, to Canada

When I was looking for housing, I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of hotels in Vancouver with the required configuration – there were no triple rooms for a reasonable price, therefore I resorted to, where I almost immediately found a good option. And there, in the house of a certain “free artist” Dave, we headed in the morning after leaving the hospitable cruise ship.
The first question is about Vancouver: from the windows of the taxi I noticed that along many streets there are not 2 lines of trolleybus wires (round trip), but as many as 4, however, they do not intersect with each other. For what? So that trolleybuses can overtake each other? Stupid … Most likely, the lines are stretched by competing trolleybus fleets, which could not share the costs of laying them?
Dave arrived at around 11 a.m. Quiet green district, perhaps some Sikh temple nearby does not fit into the picture. Surprisingly, the door of the house was open, we entered … So. Kitchen … Bedroom … Continue reading

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The excursion program in Canada is extremely diverse. It offers excursions along the historical routes of the country's native inhabitants and European colonists, visits to ancient cities and large administrative…


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Buffalo Road, Niagara Falls
After 10 in the morning, when the T-mobile sales points were opened (at home I put on the map several taken from their website.) I stopped at one of them,…